Special Services: Intellectual Property (IP)

PRI can help your business obtain Intellectual Property rights or Patents for your newly developed ideas, products, or services to protect the innovations you have created and allow your company to benefit from them.

Natural progression.
Often these innovations and new technologies arise from research and development conducted for clients by PRI, so it’s a natural progression for PRI to complete the process by helping to secure Intellectual Property and Patents for those clients.

Extensive client experience.Many of the projects we’ve conducted for our clients have resulted in patents. Examples include: 

  • Use of recycled roofing waste in paving and roofing products (RAS).
  • Use of additives to modify asphalt rheological properties, i.e. Warm Asphalt.
  • Development of paving binders incorporating mixes/blends of Ground Tire Rubber and Conventional Elastomers, i.e. Hybrid Binders

When needed, we bring in PRI-associated outside patent attorneys experienced and skilled in asphalt technologies to help complete the patent-application process. 

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