Special Services: Litigation Support

When conflicts remain unresolved and litigation results, PRI’s litigation services can provide the support you need to succeed.

Accurate and dependable.We maintain the most extensive and demanding accreditations in the asphalt industry, and our technicians hold certifications for all applicable tests, assuring your team that PRI’s test results and interpretations are both accurate and dependable. 

Expertise to build on. Having PRI on your side means you have technical support and expertise from an experienced, independent source within the asphalt and pavement industries. We can help you build your case by providing knowledge, technical data interpretation, and advice. PRI’s comprehensive litigation support for asphalt materials and products includes:

  • Technical consulting  
  • In house testing and evaluations
  • Industry and technical overviews
  • Expert Witnesses (Engineers & Scientists)
  • Sample mapping
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Selection and collection

Range of experience.Our experience in cases both large (greater than $1MM) and small (below $50K) means we have the expertise to be a contributing factor in the success of your litigation. 

Ask us how we can provide support for your litigation.