Special Services:  Product Development and Improvement

Beneficial. Our most successful clients rely on PRI’s comprehensive research and evaluation services to keep their products, services and technologies at the leading edge of the asphalt-industry market. Having the best products possible, with the latest innovations, gives producers and contractors an edge that can dramatically expand their service, beat the competition, and increase sales.

Advanced capabilities.Thanks to PRI’s unique and advanced capabilities, as well as our staff’s extensive experience, ideas for new revenue streams for our clients are sometimes revealed during routine or mandated product- and material-certification services. When such an idea emerges during PRI testing and/or certification, we alert the client and offer support for developing the idea into a marketable product, service, or technology.   

Products that we have developed or improved for our clients include:

  • Mineral fillers – roofing 
  •  Engineered roofing fluxes 
  • Flame retardant roof coatings 
  • Polymer modified paving binders
  • Cold pour crack fillers 
  • Hot pour crack fillers 
  • Engineered asphalt paving binders 
  • Water and damp proofing products 
  • Specialized paving mix designs
  • Reflective crack resistant systems 
  • GTR paving binders and roofing compounds  
  • Hybrid (multiple polymers and additives) paving binders 
  • Paving and roofing products incorporating roofing waste
  • Asphalt paving binders via refining processes
  • Modified bitumen compounds used in rooing
  •   VOC compliant and/or free products

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