Referee Testing

Referee testing compares results between laboratories. It may be needed when a second analysis is required for validation, to provide litigation support or buyer-seller agreement, or when the original test results are suspect. 

The one to trust.

PRI’s experience and qualifications make us an excellent choice for your referee testing needs. Our certified technicians, engineers, and other professionals can perform referee testing ranging from a single property to an entire product certification. All PRI testing is done in accordance with applicable specifications and test methods.

PRI provides referee testing services for:
  • Buyers and sellers
  • Agencies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Research
  •  Litigation support 
  • Other areas when a second or third independent test result is required         

Replicated results.

In all cases, referee testing at PRI is performed in replicate by separate certified technicians and on separate equipment (two different manufacturers) whenever possible.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your referee testing needs, and see our complete service for a full list of tests available.