Regulatory Assistance

PRI assists clients with regulatory matters involving asphalt materials and products and routinely performs a wide array of tests and evaluations in support of regulatory requirements. 

In addition to the standard MSDS properties such as density, flash and fire points, vapor density, solubility in water, we also test: 

Volatile Organic Content (VOC’s): 

  •  EPA 24, Determination of Volatile matter, Content, Water Content, Density, Volume Solids and Weight Solids of Surface Coatings

Hazardous Components: 

  • EPA 6010B, Metals by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  • EPA 8270C, Semi Volatile Organic Compounds by Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy (GC/MS)


  • EPA 11, Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure
  • NSF / ANSI 61, Drinking Water System Components

Expert guidance. Let PRI’s experienced staff assist you through agency-approval processes such as State DOT Qualified Products Lists. We can help you develop your business and implement quality-control and quality-assurance programs to meet the requirements of your agency regulations.

Please contact PRI for regulatory assistance involving your asphalt materials and/or products.