Special Services: Training/Seminars/Education

The asphalt industry is rapidly expanding and changing, requiring new and existing contractors, labs, user/producer groups, and anyone else involved in the asphalt industry to stay up to date.

Stay informed.PRI can help your business’s employees stay informed and current through webinars, seminars, education, and training. We offer specialized presentations, seminars, and training covering a variety of subjects including:

  • New products
  • Equipment  
  • Standards and regulations

Each PRI presentation or seminar is tailored to our client’s specific needs and can take place, at our office, at the clients’ site or over the internet.

Experienced in industry education. PRI’s staff has extensive experience in preparing and conducting training and education sessions for both clients and in industry forums. Commonly requested topics include polymer modified asphalt technology, the impact of crude chemistry on asphalt binder properties and performance, flux oxidations, asphalt/bitumen testing, quality-control/quality-assurance, and industry trends. Some of the presentations/ training courses PRI has prepared include: 

Please contact us for your next asphalt related training need.