Asphalt (Bitumen) Testing

Asphalt Testing

Regular asphalt also known as bitumen testing is an important aspect of the asphalt paving industry. PRI’s asphalt / bitumen testing allows producers, suppliers, and industry agencies to determine whether asphalt / bitumen products meet their product certification and performance requirements.

Accuracy and timeliness.PRI ensures that your asphalt / bitumen testing and certifications are completed accurately and on a timely basis. 

PRI provides asphalt testing for:
PRI offers asphalt testing according to a variety of test methods and standards, including:

Leading reliability.

Our industry-leading accrediations make PRI one of the most reliable independent asphalt / bitumen testing laboratories in the country. PRI is accredited to perform product testing for the FAA, numerous State DOT's and Federal Lands. We are an ISO 17025 lab accredited by AMRL for ASTM and AASHTO Test Methods.

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No matter where you are.PRI can provide you with excellent asphalt / bitumen testing no matter where your business is located. We are certified as an asphalt / bitumen binder QC/QA lab in all 50 states and provide testing for dozens of asphalt / bitumen suppliers throughout  the United States and Internationally. 

More than just Quality Control.
Asphalt / bitumen testing is not just about meeting regulatory agency requirements; it is also an important factor in new product research and development. New blends, different modifiers and novel manufacturing techniques can be tried in the laboratory before put into large scale production. PRI can evaluate and develop your asphalt / bitumen testing ideas into new or enhanced products and technologies to expand your market and make your business more competitive.

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Filling the gap.
PRI can also provide backup asphalt / bitumen testing services to fill the gap when your internal lab lacks the time, equipment, or expertise to perform specific tests. Using PRI’s expert services to supplement your own lab’s capabilities allows you to expand your market  without overwhelming your own facilities.

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