Crude Oil TestingCrude Oil Testing - ASTM D 5236
PRI provides crude oil testing services for the global petroleum refining industry. We provide crude analysis and evaluations with a strong focus on the Resids / VTB’s (vacuum tower bottoms).

Start-to-Finish capabilitiesOur crude testing abilities coupled with our asphalt (bitumen) testing and evaluation affords our clients a single source for their crude oil characterizations. This range of testing abilities allows us to provide testing from the crude source to the asphalt pavement.   

PRI’s crude testing services include simulated crude distillations (atmospheric & vacuum), crude assays, analysis of distillate cuts and complete characterizations of Resids/VTB’s for commercial valuation and market opportunity.

Flexibility in distillations  PRI’s atmospheric and vacuum crude distillation units have the flexibility to simulate those used by various refineries.  Vacuum AET’s (atmospheric equivalent temperatures) of up to 1025°F are achievable along with multiple distillation cuts such as LVGO’s, HVGO’s (commonly used in back blending to produce asphalts meeting commercial requirements and/or specifications).

Further evalautionsCrude resids may be further evaluated for commercial value through subsequent processing and evaluation via oxidation (asphalt paving and/or roofing), emulsification (asphalt paving, roofing or industrial), blending into cutbacks, blending with additives & modifiers and / or coking.

Crude Oil Testing Services Below is a partial list of the crude testing services we provide include. For a complete list contact us or reference our crude oil analysis and evaluation page.   

  •          Atmospheric and Vacuum Crude Distillation (ASTM D 5236)
  •          API Gravity (ASTM D 287)
  •         Determination of C, H, N & O in Petroleum Products & Lubricants (ASTM D 4929)
  •          SimDis (ASTM D 5307)
  •          Sulfur Content (ASTM D 4294, D 2622)
  •          Viscosity (ASTM D 445)

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