Pavement, Aggregate and Mix Design Testing:

PRI provides evaluations for aggregate, soils, and pavement specimens as well as mix design services supporting the pavement industry.

PRI provides a full state of the art suite of pavement tests and evaluations on laboratory prepared samples as well as specimens collected from the field.

Our services include mix designs for general use as well as those for demanding applications such as port authorities and airports, including hot mix asphalt, cold mix, micro-surfacing, slurry seals, warm mix and specialty mixes.

PRI’s extended support includes testing, evaluation, and qualification of mineral aggregates, fillers and soils used with asphalt based products and systems.
All of PRI's pavement services are supervised by our professional engineering staff.

PRI’s technical staff will provide recommendations on which testing protocols to use to best provide relevant technical data for the specific project.

Our mix designs and pavement, aggregate and soil evaluations are performed in accordance with industry and agency accepted design procedures and requirements.

For research and development projects PRI holds an inventory of stockpiles representing industry standards. Our aggregate stockpiles assure project continuity minimizing the affects induced by varying aggregate types.

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