Analytical Services Offered:

PRI’s Analytical laboratory provides testing expertise, from advanced R&D research projects to routine quality tests. Our Chemists with years of industry knowledge and expertise provide the critical analysis information that clients need for troubleshooting, research, and quality control.

Analytical Testing Services

  • Chemical Analysis

  • Materials Analysis

  • Polymer and Plastics Analysis

  • Petrochemical Testing

  • Petroleum Analysis

  • Forensic Analytical and Scientific Services

  • Product Development

  • Below are just a few of the tests we perform regularly.

    Asphalt - Bituminous Products Coal and Coke Crude Oil
    SARA Component Fractions,
    ASTM D4124
    Calorific Value,
    ASTM D5865
    Aniline Point,
    ASTM D611
    H2S and Mercaptans
    UOP 163, PRI-TM
    ASTM D409
    Chloride Content,
    organic & total, ASTM D4929
    Polymer Content of PMA,
    AASHTO T302
    Total Chloride,
    ASTM D4208
    Distillation Petroleum
    Products, ASTM D86
    Sulfur in Petroleum Products,
    ASTM D4294
    Total Sulfur,
    ASTM D3177
    Simulated Distillation,
    ASTM D6352/ASTM D7169
    Pour Point,
    ASTM D97
    TCLP Test,
    EPA 1311
    Thermal Gravimetric Analysis,
    ASTM E1131
    Wear Metals,
    ASTM D5185 
    Volatile Matter,
    ASTM D6374
     Sediment in Crude Oils,
    ASTM D473
    Marine Fuel Soil - Water - Environmental
    Ash Content,
    ASTM D482
    EPA 325-3
    Bromine number,
    ASTM D1159
    Carbon Residue, Conradson
    Residue, ASTM D4530
    EPA 375.4
    Carbonyl Index,
    ASTM D7214
    Cetane Index,
    ASTM D4737
    EPA 376.1
    Evaporation rate of
    volatile liquids, ASTM D3539
    H2S Vapor,
    ASTM D5705
    EPA 377.1
    Polymer Molecular
    Weight and Distribution, ASTM D5296
    Pour Point,
    ASTM D97
    TCLP Test,
    EPA 1311
    Thermal Gravimetric Analysis,
    ASTM E1131
    Total Sediment,
    ASTM D4870
    EPA 24
    Vapor Pressure Temperature
    Relationships, ASTM D2879