Special Services: Conflict Resolution

PRI provides clients with invaluable and extensive conflict-resolution services to investigate a product or material’s underperformance, environmental impact, or other issues. These investigations not only attempt to discover the reason for the conflict but also seek a workable solution.

Thorough approach.Our first goal is to identify the cause(s) of the issue in question through systematic investigation. Then we perform methodical evaluations and additional research focused on that specific cause or causes to provide clients with quick and cost-effective results.

Worldwide experience.
For more than 20 years, PRI has provided conflict-resolution services to state and local agencies throughout the United States as well as internationally. Our comprehensive testing capabilities, technical experience, and our ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation have enabled us to help find resolutions for asphalt-related issues in Afghanistan, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Panama, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, and other countries.

Conflict resolution is often the first step in a continuing process. PRI also offers Engineering Assessments and Reviews, Forensic Investigations and Litigation Support if your situation includes unresolved issues. 

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