Special Services:  Emerging TechnologiesAPWS

PRI’s emerging-technologies services help clients find novel ways to characterize and use their product’s existing materials—or materials that are being studied for possible use.

Innovative testing.We often develop our own unique test methods and technologies to investigate these specific materials and qualities. For example, our Accelerated Pavement Weathering Systems, a proprietary PRI technology, assesses surface treatments’ performance to address pavement-preservation needs.

Discovered Benefits.
The innovative test methods and technologies developed in our laboratories often reveal unexpected benefits in emerging products, materials, and technologies. PRI works closely with clients to identify these benefits and discuss how they might be developed into marketing advantages or added-value or new-product revenue streams.

Leadership.PRI actively participates and works with other industry leaders in developing and promoting emerging technologies. Addressing the industries enhanced focus on pavement preservation, maintenance and rehabilitation, PRI is an active member of the Emulsion Task Force in the development of emulsion residue testing protocols to parallel those of Superpave Performance Graded Binders. PRI also is a founding member of the Florida Pavement Preservation Council (founded in 2010), the first ‘State’ council under the National Center for Pavement Preservation umbrella, which has now spread to four additional states and growing. In addition PRI actively participates in the development of binder specifications for international clients and projects.

At the clients’ discretion and direction, PRI can assist with securing intellectual property rights. 

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