Engineering Assessments and Reviews (EAR)

An Engineering Assessment and Review interprets and assesses data to provide an engineering solution for a conflict. Most state agencies provide a process and basic recommendations/solutions for its engineer to follow in such situations, and typically, the Engineering Assessment and Review is the solution that is implemented. 

Experience and proficiency.

PRI provides dozens of state and local agencies with Engineering Assessments and Reviews associated with new and in-service asphalt pavements. Our professional staff’s experience and proficiency assure clients of the finest review and assessment services. 

Fast and accurate results.

In our onsite facilities, clients’ engineering staff members can witness firsthand the evaluations and testing involved in the Engineering Assessment and Review, allowing for quicker and more accurate results. 

Team concept.

We can also provide testing and evaluation support for Engineering Assessment and Reviews led by engineers in other companies, both domestically and internationally. This team concept provides expedient and cost-effective solutions to clients around the world. 

When the EAR isn’t enough.

Although Engineering Assessments and Reviews focus on a “final” solution, occasionally the recommendations are deemed unacceptable, and litigation is required. To learn more about our litigation services, please see the Litigation Section.

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