Special Services:  Forensic Investigations

PRI’s forensic-investigation services can support litigation efforts and/or help resolve conflicts for material producers/suppliers, product manufacturers, and system builders (contractors). These investigations often focus on material, product, and/or system underperformance. Typically the goal is to identify the underlying problem and provide clients with a suitable solution.

PRI’s forensic investigations are supported by:
  • Our extensive knowledge of asphalt, paving, roofing and associated material 
  • Our broad experience in asphalt technology: including processes, production, research and development, quality control/assurance, and performance
  • Our full complement of accreditations. PRI was the first fully accredited SUPERPAVETM laboratory in the nation, and it’s one of the only private laboratories in the United States to hold both AASHTO R 18 and ISO 17025 accreditations.
  • Our strong knowledge of all specifications and properties for a wide range of products

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Some of the products and materials that we have investigated include:  

Materials Products or Systems
Asphalt Binders - Conventional and PMA’s Micro-Surfacing – slow cure / tender
Fillers for Roofing Pavements - raveling, cracking, premature aging, lack of density
Polymers for PMA’s and MB Compounds Crack Sealants - failure to adhere / dis-bonding
Asphalt Binders – Crude related Stripping Paints – failure to adhere, discoloration
PMAs - compatibility, performance Pavement Sealers – slow cure, wear resistance, fuel resistances
Roofing Flux Oxidation – process times, coating properties Pavements – reflective crack resistance, geotextile related
Asphalt Emulsions – stability, performance Asphalt Shingles – cracking, granules adhesion, aging
RAP –in pavement formulations Roof Coatings– adhesion, separation, reflectivity
Ground Tire Rubber – in binders, quantity Peel-n-Stick Membranes – lack of substrate adhesion
Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS)